Spring is in the air.  Have been watching my fruit trees bloom early then suffer freezing when the abnormally warm spells give way to the less frequent cold spells.  Still have a few peach and plum and pear blossoms hanging on.  We’ll see.  Asparagus is up already as is rhubarb.  Healthy crop of garlic well under way.  Harvested 2 big fat pigs during the last 2 cold spells.  Two ducks are sitting on eggs as is my most prolific hen.  She is due in 5 days on the 21st of April.

Thanks to my creative off-season pricing and many old return customers my winter has been the best ever.  Thanks to all of you. Also, my prime season is nearly full.  There are 4 nights open in June, Tuesday through Friday the 26th 27th 28th 29th.  Then a full week in August from Saturday the 11th to Saturday the 18th.   September is wide open and when I make the very best deals being the slowest time of the year.  Don’t forget to come join me for the annual Harvest Moon Ball party on Saturday September 15th.   Mark Curtis Band, keg of beer and potluck.  Starts around 4 in the afternoon.  Lots to do for the kids also.

Then back to prime time in October for the changing of the leaves.