We have a brand new solar power system to keep things going during a power outage. A limited program for now, but will be adding panels and batteries over time to become totally independent. It was quite a learning experience putting it in. Ready to share what I have learned with any interested party, Meanwhile spring planting is under weigh and looking very good. Fruit trees have bloomed earlier than usual but have been holding up under some frosty mornings. Hoping the extreme cold nights are finished for this year and will allow for a bumper crop of cherries, peaches, Asian pears, plums and apples. There will be plenty of berries as always. My best crops are raspberries, asparagus, garlic, onions, taters, cucumbers and maters. Come for a week in the summer and enjoy these fruits along with my eggs and other products. Already have a hen sitting on eggs. Chicks due around April 23rd or 24th. Polly and Clyde are doing fine. Hazel has moved in with 9 other horses on another farm. Lots of friends for her now and might become a mother. Have three little pigs right now. All good here.