With a wide open winter calendar I am reducing the off season nightly rate from $110 down to $80. After a very good Summer season the off off winter season is wide open. Thanks to the new Polly and Clyde my yard birds did a dramatic recovery. I never had so many new chicks. And had very little loss. The mother hens are experienced now and I was careful to keep them caged until they were big enough to compete in the barnyard. My 8 new ducks and 2 new geese are thriving in the first pond. As are the rainbow trout that made past the otter. There is a new Sheriff in the barnyard. Actually 2 in the form of 2 big Tom turkeys, Even the baddest roosters move aside when they come to eat. Right now there are 2 pigs and of course Polly and Clyde II. I seeded the 2 lower ponds with some bluegills and soon will add catfish.

So plan a winter trip here and watch the farm animals in their new safe space.

Call or email for details. All rates are negotiable.